Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A rare photograph of USS Albany from the early 1900's

The USS Albany was one of the ships purchased for the Spanish American War. In the event, the Albany was not completed until 1900. The Albany was an "Elwick Cruiser" originally built for the Brazilian navy. The Albany made 20.52 knots on trials. The Albany was a rather small protected cruiser of 3,430 tons. Her dimensions were 354ft-5in x 43ft-9in x 18ft. The armament as completed was 6-6in/50, 4-4.7in/50, 10-6pdr QF, and 8-1pdr QF guns. The Albany also carried three above water 18in torpedo tubes. The Albany had a 3-1/2in Harvey nickel deck (the armour material and processing).

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