Saturday, September 1, 2007

The American gunboat Petrel

I have this photograph of the American gunboat Petrel, taken in 1890. The Petrel took part in the Battle of Manilla Bay in 1898. The British would have classed the Petrel as a sloop, although the Petrel was really just a very small steel cruiser. The Petrel displaced just 890 tons. Her dimensions were 181ft-4in x 31ft x 11ft-6in. The power was only 1000 IHP. The trial speed was only 11.4 knots. The main armament consisted of 4-6in BL guns. The crew was 8 officers and 130 men. The Petrel was "built by Columbian Iron Works, Baltimore, Md., 1889". Fighting in the Battle of Manilla Bay was probably the only notable feature of the Petrel.

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