Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Spanish cruiser Reina Christina

My source of information about the Spanish cruiser Reina Christina is the 1894 edition of The Naval Annual. the Reina Christina was the Spanish flagship at the Battle of Manilla Bay, where ship was wrecked. The nominal displacement was 3,520 tons. The dimensions were 278ft-10in x 42ft-7in x 16ft-5in. The ship could make 17.5 knots on an IHP=3,970 with a bunker capacity of 600 tons of coal. The Reina Christina was launched in 1886. The armament consisted of 6-16cm (6.4in), 2-7cm, 3-57mm QF, and 6-37mm QF guns. The the ship also carried 5-14in TT. There was no armour, but the hull had a French-style "cellular layer".

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