Sunday, December 16, 2007

More about the coast defense battleship Furieux

According to my 1894 Brassey's, this photograph seems to reflect the original configuration of the French coast defense battleship Furieux. The Furieux was constructed of a mixture of both iron and steel, so the Furieux was a transitional step. I am sure that the figures given in Brassey's are just nominal, but they are still of interest:

French coast defense battleship Furieux, launched in 1883
Displacement: 6,000 tons
Dimensions: 247ft-10in x 59ft x 21ft-9in two screws
Belt: 20in Armament: 17-3/4in
Armament: 2-34cm (13.4in) 48 ton, 5-small QF, 10-mg
Max speed: 14 knots Range: 1,500nm Coal: 290 tons

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