Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The gunboat Concord, really a small cruiser

I have a photograph of the gunboat Concord taken in 1891. In this picture, the Concord resembles the small cruiser that she really was. The Concord had a displacement of 1,710 tons and dimensions of 230ft x 36ft x 14ft. The armament consisted of 6-6in BLR and ten smaller guns. The crew was established at 14 officers and 181 men. In the photograph that I have, the Concord had recently been completed. The speed was on the low side at 16.8 knots, but that was all that could be achieved with 3,404 HP. The Concord took part in the attack on the Spanish fleet at Manilla Bay in 1898. The Concord had one funnel and three masts, with a gaff rig.

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