Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More about the Mersey class of 1885

The Mersey class consisted of the Mersey, Severn, Thames, and Forth. They were protected cruisers of nominally 4,050 tons. They were 300ft (between perpendiculars) x 46ft x 19-1/2ft. They had a 3in steel deck. They were originally armed with 2-8in/30 BLR, 10-6in/26 BLR, 3-6pdr QF, and 8-3pdr QF guns. They also had 14in torpedo tubes. The Severn had one submerged bow tube and two above water. The Mersey had two submerged and two above water tubes. The Forth and Thames each had two above water tubes. They ships originally made 17 knots, but by 1903 were only good for 15 knots. They normally carried 500 tons of coal but could carry as much as 900 tons. The engines were horizontal compound.

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