Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Jane's Naval Gun Notation

Fred Jane had devised a notation to describe the power of guns, which was intended partly for use in his wargame and partly for use by naval officers and analysts for comparing ship capabilities. The notation used in 1903 used capital letters, sometimes with numbers appended:

Notation Gun Length Muzzle Velocity Projectile Weight

A5 16.25in 30 2,087 ft/sec 1,800 lbs
A3 13.5in 30 2,016 ft/sec 1,250 lbs
A4 12in 40 2,750 ft/sec 850 lbs
A3 12in 35 2,367 ft/sec 850 lbs
B 10in 30 2,040 ft/sec 500 lbs
BA 9.2in 45 2,550 ft/sec 380 lbs
B 9.2in 40 2,347 ft/sec 380 lbs

Jane then rated armour with similar letters, so that you could tell what gun could penetrate what armour at close range. The numbers were altered at longer ranges.

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